I teach students all over the world via Skype/zoom etc. 


I first began giving lessons when I was a luthier's apprentice in 1986. Since then, I have taught both one to one and full classes, on a private basis and at institutions including; Tech Music School London, BIMM (in London and Brighton) and Radley College in Oxfordshire. a number of my students have gone on to work professionally with artists such as Jesse J, Sam Smith and Craig David. 

though I have taught music theory to degree level, I regard it primarily as a tool to help build on practical skills, rather than an academic end in itself. I also draw upon my extensive stage and studio experience, working with each individual to develop confidence and their own voice on the instrument, providing them with structure and content based on their own interests and goals.


I usually work with intermediate to advanced players on areas ranging from technique/fretboard knowledge to mentoring or coaching. Below are some of the areas I cover on acoustic or electric guitar;


*Rhythm and Solo Guitar Skills



*Ear Training

*Alternative/Open Tunings

*How to Approach Practicing

*Arrangement/Pre Production in a Band Context

*Technical Advice (getting sounds/set up issues etc.)


I can provide both written materials and backing tracks to cover basic concepts and keep things alive and interesting! 

Contact me here to arrange an initial consultation free of charge.