in this line of work you need to cover multiple sonic bases, so i use a range of different electric and acoustic guitars. 


I'm proud to be a Knaggs artist. these guitars are future classics and there isn't anything better available - they even smell good!

I also have a strat and tele, both built for me by Alan Knight, plus a pair of fernandes/burny lp style guitars, which i've upgraded with bareknuckle pickups and pots. this was a fun project and the guitars play and sound great.

for acoustics, i have a yamaha classical, plus a Steel strung CPX for live/amplified playing. My acoustic for writing and recording is an atkin. these are hand made in canterbury and must be played to be believed. Alister atkin is also a rush fan, like me!


I've used a variety of over the years, From the classic marshall Stack to fender combos. amps are often hired in for 'fly' gigs abroad, and these can vary from delightful to character building...

Effects ETC.

i have various oddities, such as a 'no brand' lap steel (with ridiculously powerful pickups) and enough effects pedals to fill a small family car.